If you liked my comedy, I’m going to recommend you check out my sister in law’s (Jennifer) cookbook by clicking on the link.  Jenny is married to my brother Jon, number 6, so you might be hearing some stories about these two in future comedy bits…

Getting back to Jenny’s cookbook, I knew it was really special when my wife, Nancy, purchased one. Nancy is a gifted chef that unfortunately married a guy who just wolfs down whatever she has created without even appreciating the presentation. More importantly, it tastes great.

My people, check out this cookbook, click on the link, just click it!

Hope to see you at a future show!  Fred

Please check out Jenny’s final cookbook in the series that she has written.  All I know is that it’s really good because Nancy has all three cookbooks that Jenny has authored. And for those of you who follow my comedy you know Nancy’s word is gold! 

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